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The Wild Heart

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Gypsy Tees


I make Stevie Nicks T Shirts

Instructions: Send your favorite pic to my email address. I will then send you the address to mail the payment to if paying by check or money order. The I will make your shirt and ship it to you.

You can use pics from this site or from your own collection.

Just please make sure the pic is a least 640 x 480 so i can stretch it to fit the shirt without it being blurry.

My email address is on the Talk to Me page.

I accept money orders, personal checks, and paypal. paypal button is below. Price of shirts is $20.00 + $5.00 s&h.

I will not ship until payment clears.

Shirts are white only.

Thank you!




send payment for stevie nicks t-shirts with paypal!

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